Artificial Grass Tucson has been supplying artificial grass to contractors since 2007 from our showroom and warehouse located at 51 West Glenn Street.

We now offer that same contractor pricing to the DIY customer along with delivery and rental tools available. We are licensed to do business in Arizona and have a City of Tucson license.


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We’re proud to work with you to help increase your sales by providing you with the products you need to satisfy your customers

Residential - Do-It-Yourself

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We have everything you need to do your own installation.Click here for an instructional video

We only sell high quality products!

Our everyday prices on artificial grass are almost always lower than our competitors and sometimes by a substantial amount. In fact, many times our prices are lower even when our competitors run a “sale” or “special”. You can rest assured that the product you receive from us will always be of high quality at a great price! Please feel free to stop by our showroom and warehouse and we will happily show you exactly what to look for when purchasing turf…with absolutely no pressure to purchase.

Don’t be fooled by anyone, we can give you all the information you need and answer any questions you may have to help you make the right choice for your new luxury lawn. Artificial Grass Tucson takes great pride in only offering quality products with a 10 year warranty that we’d be happy to explain to you. We strive for excellence in ensuring we provide top notch friendly customer service.

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Pet Friendly

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We have everything you need for your new turf lawn or recreation area. We'll help you plan your project and rent you the equipment to do it right.


What to look for in a quality artificial grass

All artificial turf is not created equal and before you make that investment make sure you follow some guidelines:

  • Beware of cheap cost. Some Dealers offer unbelievable prices to compete. Make sure that you are comparing equal types of turf.A cheaply made product costs more in the end if it only lasts a fraction of the time.
  • Urethane backing is the smartest choice Beware of some manufacturer’s backing components as some backings will degrade quicker. Urethane backing is durable and long lasting versus Latex which degrades faster.
  • Fibers – We only sell poly fibers. Cheaper nylon fibers tend to absorb odors.
  • Weights – If you worry about the weight of turf fibers vs others, some competitors will not be truthful about the total weight of their products. They will either add the primary or secondary backing weight to the total fiber without informing you of that.
  • Blade Technology – There are many new blade systems out today that help cool the turf, make the blades stand up and make it last longer. Make sure you get the right composition for your needs.
  • Infill – Infill for you artificial grass is a very important addition. We only use Fresh Fill which is charcoal based and is people and pet friendly. This infill helps eliminate odors from pet waste as well as helping to cool your artificial grass by blocking the sun’s rays from the base of the fibers. Silica sand is not usually a good option in Arizona as it retains the heat more.

The installation of turf has many steps

Watch this video to see them

Stop in our showroom and ask one of our experienced, in-store helpers what you need to complete your lawn project.


How to care for your artificial grass

To keep your beautiful yard looking its best for years to come, minimal maintenance is required:

  • Pets – Pick up pet droppings as you normally would on any other surface. Use water to rinse the turf for any remaining particles and urine to keep your turf looking great. Do not power wash feces into turf as it will be harder to get out of the fibers.
  • Leaves/Litter/Soil – Use a blower or a broom to sweep away debris on a regular basis. Dirt that ends up in the turf should be raked, swept or blown out as it collects. This goes for putting greens as well.
  • Rain – If heavy rain occurs, and your turf has infill, you may need to redistribute the infill using a carpet rake or stiff broom. A shop vacuum may also be used to pick it up and then spread it back out.
  • Odors – If you have chosed not to use our Fresh Fill infill, and you have odors in your turf, use a few drops of dish soap per gallon of water and scrub the affected area and then rinse with water. Do not use other cleansers such as bleach or any item with alcohol as they will destroy your artificial grass. If using any chemicals on the turf, make sure it is sufficiently rinsed to get the entire residue off of the blades and through the backing to avoid dulling of the blades.
  • Stationary Items – Your turf will flatten if items are left on it but just rake against the grain to fluff it up once again.
  • High Traffic Areas – Sweep the turf against its grain to fluff it up.
  • If using any chemicals on the turf, make sure it is sufficiently rinsed to get the entire residue off of the blades and through the backing to avoid dulling of the blades. Do not use any form of acids on turf. If ever in doubt what you can use on your turf to clean it, call your installer or email us. Warranty does not cover any chemical damages to turf or any part of the turf.
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